Why Are Girls More Inclined to Play Fashion Designing Games?

The word fashion is almost synonymous with girls. It is not that boys are not inclined towards fashion. In fact, most of the best fashion designers today are men and the luxury fashion brands of the world today were mostly founded by men. But still, not all men have that aesthetic sense, which comes naturally to women. Girls know the combinations or the matches that would look perfect naturally. They don’t have to think and learn about it. It is something that is inborn in them. Thus, it is not surprising to see that game manufacturers go mostly for fashion designing games for girls.

You will find girls as young as 3-years old dressing her Barbie online. There are many fashion designing games for girls available for free download. Some are very basic and don’t require anything special in particular. They are mostly for very young kids who like to do simple stuff like changing colour of hair, dress, hat, footwear etc. For the grown-up girls, the manufacturers are also attentive about graphics and detailing as they want the girls to have a realistic experience. There are catwalks, Barbie contests, a replica of fashion circuits and what not – everything is available online in virtual formats.

The girls have a gala time posing as fashionistas through the various games available in online format. These games in a way give the opportunity to the little girls to see if they have that spark in them that they can take it as a career later. There are games where the player has to go through the struggle of becoming a great designer. Then, there are games available where the player is a designer and then has to organise her own catwalk shows. While her models walk on the ramp wearing her creations, she can hear the views of the judges. This not only helps her to hone her skills, but also boosts her confidence.

The manufacturers, while designing such games, also keep in mind that the games do not drain away the battery so that it is practical to play. Every other day, new fashion designing games for girls keep surfacing and the ones that will stay are those that will appeal both in terms of engagement and the technical stuff.

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